Gaber Group strives to provide unique and custom asset protection strategies and services for affluent individuals wishing to plan for the next generation and beyond. Our goal is to help serve our clients by minimizing risk and allowing them opportunities to achieve the results they need at the best value. With the company’s numerous service offerings, Gaber Group solidifies its place as an all-encompassing firm specializing in advanced estate planning design and life insurance architecture.

Estate Planning Portfolio Design

Estate planning is the cornerstone of Gaber Group’s practice. For more than 31 years, Gaber Group has worked to provide estate planning council that clients can trust to accomplish their objectives. We believe in providing expert knowledge, carefully listening to clients objectives and the ability to customize solutions.

Wealth Transfer & Retirement Planning

Many financial opportunities require strategic thinking and insight to help drive the best possible decisions, which can lead to a lasting impact for a lifetime. Our wealth transfer and retirement planning professionals have the knowledge and tools to help you solidify and build your financial foundations through the years. We offer an array of solutions to help you achieve your wealth goals by arming you with the strategies to meet your future objectives.

Client Administration

Our highly engaged client services team works diligently to meet any client’s specific needs, providing a range of services that include reporting, scheduled task management, tracking and annual updates. We strive to always quickly identify opportunities that may help service our clients’ wishes.

The Gaber Group believes that as times change, so do the needs of their clients. That is why an annual review is conducted to keep clients abreast of new changes in tax laws and the impact on their personal planning.


Gaber Group works closely with several underwriters who help assess our clients’ risk profiles. We align ourselves with carriers that have our clients’ best interests in mind, with the goal of helping our clients establish and reach their financial goals. We believe in creating diversified portfolios in insurance by product and carrier.

Life Insurance Architecture

Life insurance architecture goes far beyond life insurance alone. We work with our clients to provide family protection, wealth accumulation, estate & gift tax planning, while focusing on tax free wealth transfer. Through the use of creative trust structures we can help ensure financial legacy.

Trusted Advisement

Gaber Group’s diversified life insurance portfolio approach protects clients from additional risk. Our partners and clientele consisting of affluent individuals recognize us as trusted leaders in the field. Trusts and estates attorneys and others who deal with sophisticated estate matters call upon Gaber Group’s specialists to advise them on complex estate planning matters.

Our attention to each detail, no matter how small, provides an infrastructure of support within our estate planning practice. Our vision is to bring clarity to the process and give our clients trusted advisement for decades to come.

Employee Benefits

Gaber Group has combined custom technology and consulting to offer group benefits to our clients that run their own business. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the optimal plan for our clients' organization size and specific needs. Our work goes beyond just planning and implementation, much like everything we do, we will continue to provide compliance and administrative support as your business grows and as you hire more employees as a result of having an attractive benefits selection.

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