• Meet the team.

    Over the past 31 years, Gaber Group has built the infrastructure necessary to provide high touch and high quality service to each client at every stage of the process.

    Our team provides comprehensive design options and superior service to our valued clients, who look to us for guidance when making decisions about their families’ futures.

  • Frederic Gaber

    CLU - Founder & President

    As a leading practitioner in his field, Fred Gaber, CLU has developed a well-deserved reputation as a renowned expert in estate planning and life insurance architecture. Gaber Group’s success stems from Fred’s vision of building intimate client relationships while providing families the comfort to know their financial and estate affairs are handled discreetly and professionally. Communication, full disclosure and personal relationships are at the core of our business; and Gaber promises the highest standard of excellence in client satisfaction.

    "Our clients are like family, and we value the personal nature of our business relationship with them. Working with our clients’ advisors is at the heart of Gaber Group, and is how we build plans that directly support our clients’ objectives. Whether a client is focused on wealth preservation or creation, our firm has the experience, concepts and knowledge that contribute to living a secure, satisfying and abundant life." - Fred Gaber

    Hunter Gimbel

    Financial Advisor

    With his traditional approach, supplying face to face meetings is a hallmark of service that Hunter offers throughout the estate conservation process. Hunter provides premiere financial services for financial professionals, utilizing years of experience combined with integrity and trust to help families protect what they have worked so hard to attain. His knowledge of complex estate conservation planning and taxation allows him to deliver unique solutions with the highest level of professional and personalized service. His goals are to make sure that the client's needs come first and ensure they are maximizing growth opportunities and minimizing tax losses.

    Communication, full disclosure and personal relationships are at the core of his business; and Hunter promises the highest standard of excellence in client service. He believes that the relationship is not transaction based but rather a long term commitment between him, his client and their family. Hunter's industry knowledge and community involvement keep him well-informed of new challenges and strategies to overcome them. He was previously the Director at Large, for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), and currently serves as Chairman of the Young Advisors Team (YAT). Hunter is an avid New York sports fan, and also enjoys an active lifestyle playing golf, tennis and hockey. Hunter currently resides in Oyster Bay, Long Island with his wife, Samantha, daughter Andie and son Jack.

    Jean Seid

    Executive Assistant

    With over 25 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Jean Seid joined Gaber Group in 2011 to help drive client relationships. Jean is responsible for the day-to-day management of Gaber Group’s affairs, duties that include processing new business applications, servicing client policies and acting as the go-to person for estate planning information. Clients routinely rave about Jean’s passion and commitment to the satisfaction of each individual involved in the estate planning and life insurance policy planning process. Her attentiveness and superior communication skills ensure an exceptional experience for all who interact with Gaber Group. In her daily practice she strives to address every client’s specific needs and concerns, making her a valuable and trusted member of Gaber Group’s team.

    Bridget Farrington

    Executive Assistant

    Bridget is the newest Gaber Group addition, with a background that includes three years of marketing in the technology industry. Bridget joined the team to support the company’s rebranding process, and remains an integral part of the team as the company continues to grow and evolve. Her role also includes providing an additional layer of client service, making her a trusted point of contact for communications and client interactions. Bridget continues to contribute her digital communication skills to grow Gaber Group’s capabilities and provide even stronger service values going forward. Bridget’s passion for her work is evident through her unparallelled commitment to client care.

    Rosemary Gaber

    Director of Marketing & PR

    Rosemary joined the Gaber Group in 2002. She is the Director of Marketing, and Special Events for the Gaber Group. Her role is providing the knowledge, background and implementation of initiatives that can help the Gaber Group stay connected to its current clients and introduce the company to those that need their services. She is responsible for the strategic development and coordination of the firm’s social media and marketing initiatives, as well initiating special client events. Rosemary has her BS and in psychology and a masters degree in Social Work from Fordham university.