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Planning for tomorrow starts today.

Planning for tomorrow starts today.

Employee Benefits Division 

Employee Benefits Division 

Gaber Group has combined custom technology and consulting to offer group benefits to our clients that run their own business. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the optimal plan for our clients' organization size and specific needs.

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Our Mission

Our focus is your future

At Gaber Group, we believe in the power of the present to shape the future. This is why we take great care to allow you to live comfortably today, without worrying about tomorrow. We arm our clients with the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about creative and customized estate planning, as well as advanced life insurance architecture. By guiding you to the right choices, we ensure you’re prepared for the future... regardless of what tomorrow brings.

About Us

A passion for what we do

With more than 31 years of experience, Gaber Group is built on a foundation of deeper insight, creative solutions and trusted advisement. Our relationships with clients form the core of our business.

Estate planning design and implementation can be complex and highly emotional. We spend the time necessary to educate our clients, to get an intimate sense of their objectives and to help them develop comprehensive strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Gaber Group began in 1989 as a firm dedicated to helping clients address the complexity of estate, gift and income tax planning through the use of tax efficient wills, trusts and advanced life insurance design. To date, the firm, led by Hunter Gimbel, has assisted in helping families procure more than $2.2 billion in Life Insurance coverage.

Philosophy & Heritage

A wealth of knowledge

At Gaber Group, we recognize that estate planning needs change over time, due to tax legislation, stock market volatility or personal circumstances. These changes can have a profound impact on wealth creation and preservation. Our team helps clients protect their family, leverage their wealth, and create tax efficiencies by designing, implementing and servicing sophisticated life insurance strategies.

Gaber Group clients are typically financial and business executives, high net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs. We work collaboratively with groups of specialists, such as trusts and estates attorneys, certified public accountants and wealth advisors.

Our focus, knowledge and attention to detail provides our clients the edge they need in an ever changing financial landscape.

If you have a Penn Mutual policy in New York, what are the accommodations?  

  • Extend to 90 days the grace period for the payment of premiums and fees to ensure that the policyholder’s or certificate holder’s life insurance policy or certificate does not lapse for non-payment during the 90-day period;
  • Waive late payment fees otherwise due, and not report late payments to credit rating agencies, during the 90-day period;
  • Allow premiums due but not paid during the 90-day period to be paid over the course of the following year in 12 equal monthly installments; and
  • Extend to 90 days the period to exercise policyholder and contract holder rights and benefits under life insurance and annuity contracts.










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